Bible reading Dec 25 2011

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Bible reading Dec 25 2011

Postby Grumpy » Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:55 pm

Have just looked at the preview - thank you to whomever popped that on to the website! Glad to see that the golden mane is restored for now, (but why all the churchy gilt stuff in the background? A nice plain stone arch would have been much better, with a sprig of holly if you must) ... let's hope that no one gives Julian a comb for Christmas. Or mascara, which wrecked the little Spanish film thingy. Maybe a nice new razor?

Anyway, I'm sure everyone would agree that the 25/12 moments of goldenness are very jolly and sweet, refreshingly secular and a good antidote to the usual Bible readings which are always so po-faced and nasal. It reminds you that it's actually quite a good story although I always felt really sorry for Joseph. Really hope I haven't offended anyone.

Happy Christmas Everyone. Thank you for giving me something to smile about during bleak midwinter moments. I think you (we) are all completely daft. Keep it up in 2012! x

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Re: Bible reading Dec 25 2011

Postby chatterbox » Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:35 am

Plenty of suggestions for christmas pressies there!

Happy Christmas to you grumpy, and to everyone here - hope it's a good one.


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