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Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:50 pm
by goshandcrikey
ok I'll give it a go later if it works then I might even get round to posting the arty one with you all from the last night at LWW :roll:

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:51 pm
by faeriequeen
So where's this photo then? :P

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:41 pm
by goshandcrikey
what can I say pregnant bridesmaids, 8 bridesmaids for another wedding and doing 30 hours a week at box office. I've forgotton what my bed looks like. Got mini tonight so might try then , then again got the 8 dresses to finish for wed but then definetly having a few days off so promise it by weekend :roll:

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:26 pm
by faeriequeen
Haha sorry Emm...don't worry about it! Being a dirty tax-dodger I forget that other people actually have proper full time jobs...though I did work from 9.30-5.30 today myself! :wink:

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:30 am
by goshandcrikey
got up at 5 to work on dresses then started at theatre at 9.45, my lunch break is going home to do a hat fitting finish at 5.15. Work on dresses til 7pm appointment then finish the dresses and drop the off tomorrow.

Plus been up most of the night cos we think mini has measels and i'm itching too :x

Off to the beach tomorrow so might manage it when I get back from surfing