12 Jan

Did you miss Julian in Silent Witness, Moment of Surrender this week? If so, when you have finished kicking yourself head over to iplayer to catch up - you won't regret it!!

31 Dec

After a long wait, we finally have a date for Brittania. Julian plays Phelan and the series premieres in the UK on 18th January on Sky Atlantic..You can find out more on our Projects page ...A great start to 2018 - Happy New Year

19 Apr The title may have given away the ending, but don't miss this! Julian plays cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov in Death of a Cosmonaut

22 Feb

First chance in 2017 of a tiny glimpse of Julian on the telly is in SS-GB starting tonight on BBC1


1st Jan

Happy New Year!! Did you hear Julian's voice adding a bit of Christmas sparkle to the Amazon adverts? Julian has also been busy with a hard hat and spade as Patron of the newly renamed Haematology Cancer Care at UCLH - to see the evidence, click here


23rd Dec

A Merry Christmas to everyone.. As a little treat we have Julian as Douglas Herrington/Charles on Radio 4 on Boxing Day in The Archers do Blithe Spirit .

27th Oct

A double opportunity to listen in to Julian today in Radio 4's drama City of Tomorrow, now on iplayer. And tonight narrating Children's Hospital on BBC2 at 7.30.

22nd Sept

Julian attended the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Bridgathon yesterday 21st September and also completed the course. Head over to LALU's twitter feed to see some photos and if you haven't donated yet , you can do so here

7th Sept

Julian's voice has been appearing in a few places recently - Check out This Wild Life on BBC Two or iplayer. You can also listen to Julian's dulcet tones on loads of new audiobooks, so drop over to our shopping page and click on the audio book links to find out more. In other news, the Bridgathon is looming fast, and if you would like to support the JRT team, please click here

22nd Mar

Have you been listening to Julian as Norman in The Norman Conquests on BBC Radio 4? If not, hurry over here now and you can catch up with the first two plays in the trilogy ready for the final one next week.

7th Mar

Banished continues for 6 more weeks, and, if you missed episode 1, once you have stopped kicking yourself, head over to iplayer to catch up. Julian is also reading Book of the Week, from 9th March, so a treat for the ears as well as the eyes this week!

22nd Feb

Banished appears on BBC Two on 5th March, and Julian is in every episode! Don't forget to set the recorder.. In the meantime, you can hear Julian in the Radio 4 drama Reading Europe: Spain -Tomorrow in the battle, think on me

1st Jan

Happy New Year to everyone. Julian is still on iplayer and Radio 4 with the 15 minute drama Eating for England and will also be starring in next week's 15 minute drama The Corrections. Now that's the way to start a new year!


23rd Dec

A Merry Christmas to everyone.. As a little treat we have Julian as Douglas Herrington/Charles on Radio 4 on Boxing Day in The Archers do Blithe Spirit .

27th Oct

A double opportunity to listen in to Julian today in Radio 4's drama City of Tomorrow, now on iplayer. And tonight narrating Children's Hospital on BBC2 at 7.30.

22nd Sept

Julian attended the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Bridgathon yesterday 21st September and also completed the course. Head over to LALU's twitter feed to see some photos and if you haven't donated yet , you can do so here

5th Sept

Did you catch Julian in Castles in the Air yesterday (still on iplayer!) Get your ears ready for another treat as Julian appears as The Tadpole in Gossip from the Garden Pond on 7th September, 7.15pm,Radio 4.

24th Aug

I hope you caught Julian's latest 'blinkandmissit' appearance in Touch of Cloth 3? And, to top up your levels of Julian-ness, if you haven't seen it yet Julian is currently appearing as 'The Limey' in Lucy at a cinema near you!

17th Apr

Over the next few months Julian will be in Sydney, filming for Banished a new series for BBC2 written by Jimmy McGovern and due for broadcast in 2015. And, JRT will be in every episode - what better reason to watch?

9th Feb

Julian will appear as Galahad 'Gally' Threepwood in episode 3 of Blandings Series 2, due to air on 2nd March, BBC1. The new series starts on 16th February

30th Jan

Julian will appear in the first episode of Inside Number 9 on 5th February, 10pm, BBC 2.


25th Dec

Merry Christmas everyone! As a Christmas treat, Julian will be appearing on Radio 4 at 12pm Christmas day in 'With Great Pleasure'. Here's hoping you have a great day

13th Sept Missing JRT from your tv screen? Head along to the cinema to see Julian as"Bubbles" Horsley in Rush on the big screen instead .
6th Sept Julian appears in The Wipers Times on Wednesday 11th September, BBC2 at 9pm.
12th Aug Julian returns in a new episode of A Touch of Cloth on 25th August on Sky 1
23rd Mar

Julian appears as Malcolm Muggeridge in Wodehouse in Exile on BBC4, Monday 25th March at 9pm.

17th Mar

Set your watches, The Lady Vanishes finally arrives, starting on BBC1 tonight at 8.30pm

7th Mar

First episode of Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully is on Radio 2 tonight at 9.30pm. Clips and photos can be found here

2nd Mar

Give spring a kick start by listening to Julian on Radio 3 Words and Music: Baroque Spring on 3rd March at 6.30pm

1st Jan

Happy New Year, and we get off to a good start with some new stuff to look forward to. From 7th January for 10 nights, let Julian lull you to sleep with Book at Bedtime, The Knot on Radio 4. We also have news that Julian is due to appear in a new BBC2 comedy with a working title of Inside No. 9. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait too long! ishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. See you in 2013! In the meantime, if you have sky, you can get yourself in a christmassy mood with Julian's appearance in Carols by Candlelight, repeated on SkyArts2 - check out our listings page to find out more.


24th Dec

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. See you in 2013! In the meantime, if you have sky, you can get yourself in a christmassy mood with Julian's appearance in Carols by Candlelight, repeated on SkyArts2 - check out our listings page to find out more.

13th Nov

The Hour (series 2) will arrive Wednesday 14th November at 9pm on BBC2. Make sure you are ready! You can find details and a sneak preview here !

23rd Oct

Friday First: The Coup is now up on i-player if you missed this 15 minutes of listening pleasure (or even if you just want to listen again!!)

16th Oct

Well Julian started the Bridgathon as planned and we managed the walk in torrential rain! If you would like to donate, it's not too late just pop over here
In other news, JRT has been busy with his voice work again, and he can still be heard on voiceover for BBC4's The Piano Genius of Mrs Mills . And then, on 26th October, you can also hear Julian on Radio 4 at 3.45 reading a Friday First ...

20th Aug

Finally, a bit of new JRT reaches our screens. A Touch of Cloth premieres on Sky1 on 26th and 27th August at 9pm. And in other news Julian will be appearing as Mr Todcaster in a new BBC version of A Lady Vanishes to be broadcast at Christmas. Find out more here

23rd June

Yes it's that time of year again... we are supporting the London Bridgathon 2012 in support of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. You can donate and find out more here.
Other good news this week..., A Touch of Cloth has been commissioned for two more one hour episodes and a feature length episode. Thanks to Di for the update!

5th April Julian is on Radio 3 this week, 10.30am each morning. Don't worry if you have missed it, you can find it on iplayer here
21st Jan Julian on a 'life-journey' road trip... what's not to like? Find a video and associated interview here


22nd Dec

A lovely Christmas day treat - Julian will be reading from the King James Bible on Christmas Night on BBC1 at 23.50. If you can't wait that long, it is previewed here.

10th Dec

Confirmation this week that Julian will be returning as Angus McCain in series 2 of The Hour. Filming is currently taking place for broadcast in 2012.

4th Dec

Julian will be taking part in the Spirit of Christmas service at ChristChurch Cathedral, Oxford on 7th December to support the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. If you can't get there, you can still enjoy Julian's dulcet tones all week as he reads Just My Type on Radio 4 from Monday at 9.45am.

3rd Sept We have some photos from the National Brain Appeal Green Wing Quiz - pop over to our Charity page to find them.
6th July Finally we have a date...Julian will be appearing as Angus McCain in The Hour, starting on Tuesday 19th July on BBC2.
31st May

Julian is joining Stephen Mangan in hosting a GW celebrity quiz evening on 24th June, in support of the National Brain Appeal and here's where you find out more

5th May

Julian appears as Ratty in 'A Change in the Willows alongside Stephen Mangan as Mole on Radio 4, 7th May at 2.30 pm. More details here

27th Mar Nice online treat - a short film Hotel: Room 21, can be found here (thanks to Rosie for finding this!).
19th Jan

Well the new year got off to a good start with some TV narration on BBC4 documentaries by Julian, and the soundtracks are now added to our audio page. On tv, watch out for Julian as Angus McCain in The Hour, due to be broadcast later this year. To find out more, visit our project page. Until then, to keep yourself warm, nip over to our video page which has links to full episodes of Green Wing on 4OD amongst other treats.


11th Dec Double the pleasure....Julian will tell us about his favourite music in Private Passions on Radio 3 at 12pm on 12th December to be followed in the evening by Any Human Heart on C4 at 9pm.
3rd Dec Julian will appear in episode 4 of Any Human Heart on 12th December
20th Nov

Any Human Heart starts on Channel 4 on Sunday 21st November at 9pm; make sure you watch out for Julian in episode 4 on 12th December as revolutionary John Vivian.

24th Oct

Julian appears as Michael Garfield, an 'affable gardener' in The Hallowe'en Party on ITV1 at 8pm on 27th October. Don't forget to set those recorders!

6th Sept Julian reads the Book of the Week on Radio 4 from today 6th September at 9.45am.
18th Jul

Julian appears as Patrick Hardy, leader of the orchestra in a partly improvised Radio 4 Afternoon Play The Orchestra at 2.15 on Friday 23rd July.

12th Jun Julian narrates Rude Britannia, a new three part BBC4 series beginning at 9pm on Monday 14th June.
10th Apr

Get a sneak preview of Julian as Michael Garfield in The Hallowe'en Party here - follow the links and Julian appears about half way through!

8th Apr

Julian is lined up to appear as John Vivian in the Channel 4 adaptation of William Boyd's Any Human Heart to be broadcast later this year.

28th Mar

It has been announced that Meant to Be will get its world wide premier at the Palm Beach Festival in April. Fingers crossed we get UK dates soon!

20th Mar Julian appears as Tourville in this week's episode of Clarissa at 2pm, Radio 4, Sunday 21st March
6th Mar

A good week for fans of Julian's voice work... Beginning on 10th March at 9pm, Julian will narrate a new BBC2 series 'Inside John Lewis'. On 11th and 12th March at 2.15pm on Radio 4, Julian will appear in episodes of Final Demands. And finally, Julian appears in the new Radio 4 serial Clarissa beginning on 14th March at 3pm.

25th Feb

Julian will be back on the radio in Frederic Raphael's Final Demands on Radio 4. The six part series begins at 2.15pm on 4th March. Julian has also been busy with some more audiobooks, so why not check out our shopping page? Anything bought via the links on the page will raise commission for charity.

19th Jan

Darker Shores has now finished performance, but to lighten the dark, snowy days of January why not check out our new links to Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit and Peter Pan on our audio page for a bit of JRT listening pleasure? Julian graced the front cover of the January edition of Grove Magazine and you can read the digital edition here


23rd Dec

On 29th December you can get another dose of Julian-ness on Radio 4 on at 3.30pm when he reads Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit. Other work by Julian is sure to crop up over Christmas, so check our schedules pages for updates.

11th Dec

Darker Shores has now opened to good reviews. Links to all reviews have been added to the Articles page . Our projects page has been updated with official details about Meant to Be, and links to a trailer - enjoy!.

2nd Dec

Opening night for Darker Shores will now be 4th December due to a cast change - Tom Goodman-Hill replaces Mark Gatiss. More information here or on our projects page

25th Oct Julian will be reading Bulldog Drummond in six episodes from 2nd November on BBC Radio 7 at 1.30pm (repeated 8.30pm)
4th Oct Julian starts the London Bridgathon 2009 as patron of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at University College Hospital, London
1st Oct You can now keep up to date with news about Julian on Twitter
23rd Sept Another treat for your ears....The Twyborn Affair, on Radio 3 at 8pm on Sunday 27th September, stars Julian as Eddie.
10th Sept

More excuses to watch the telly.....Julian will return as the voice of Bob in 78 new episodes of the animated series The Imp, now in production

18th Aug

The Maltby Collection returns to Radio 4 for a new series on Monday 24th August at 11.30, so a double helping of Julian goodness to look forward to with just enough time to make a cup of tea after the end of The Quest (10.45, R4)!!

7th June

Don't forget that Julian reads the Book at Bedtime One Day for two weeks starting Monday 8th June, R4, 10.45pm. On October 4th Julian will be officially starting the London Bridgathon in aid of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. If you would like to sponsor the julianrhind-tutt.co.uk team you can do so here.

23rd May Julian has presented a video for the Stars Appeal charity - follow the link from our Charity page.
17th May

The Girl at the Lion D'Or has been added to audio. The Master and Margarita (abridged 7 CD version!) is now available on CD - take a look using the link on our shopping page.

9th May

On 11th May at 10.45am Julian appears in the Radio 4 Womans Hour five part drama, The Girl at the Lion D'Or. He will also attend a session 'Other People's Voices' at an ICA Conference Our Speaking Selves on 17th May.

27th April Julianrhind-tutt.co.uk has been given a facelift and bits may still be under construction.
25th April

Julian appeared in the radio play Magnolia Blossom last week, now added to audio, and appears in episode two of Two Pipe Problems on Tues 28th of April at 2.15pm on R4. Also on 11th May at 10.45am Julian appears in the Womans hour five part drama, The Girl at the Lion D'Or.

5th Apr

Meant to Be is now due for release in November 2009 and a few photos from the press pack have been added to the Gallery.

14th Mar

We have a few photos from Puerto Rico added to our gallery, and we have also updated our photos from recent events. We have raised another £26.40 for charity through commission from Amazon, so an enormous thank you to everyone who uses our shopping links to search for or buy anything.

7th Feb Julian is starting filming in Puerto Rico for Meant to Be, a romantic comedy - he plays the part of an angel
28th Jan Julian appears as an 'eco-test' guest on 'It's Not Easy Being Green'
9th Jan

A good start to the year for lovers of Julian's voice work.... Tune in this evening to Sky 525/Virgin 215 at 9pm and 9.30pm to see the first two episodes of Creatures Like Us in which Julian narrates and provides voices for animals.... From Monday 12th Jan, Julian reads the Book of the Week The Rest is Noise on Radio 4 at 9.45am, continuing all week


22nd Dec

Julian was a guest on Radio 2 on Saturday, and the interview has been added to audio. He was also interviewed in The Independent Travel section on Saturday. Today he appears in The Crooked House on BBC4 at 10.30pm

8th Nov
Julian appears as a narrator of Dick Whittington at St Pauls Cathedral as part of the Lord Mayor's Show
29th Oct Julian appears in short film 'Everybody' , produced by Amnesty International
25th Oct Julian appears as Edwin Muirden in Merlin
12th Oct

It has been confirmed that Julian will appear in The Crooked House on BBC4 over Christmas. Julian has contributed readings for the Approaching Apocalypse event in Birmingham in November.

26th Sep Julian appears as 'The Conductor' in an episode of the children's tv series Uncle Max
20th Sept
Julian is appearing in the Radio 4 series of plays Number 10
11th Sept
We have added some rare footage from Julian's performance in the 1995 National Theatre production of Richard II.
16th Aug

Julian has been recording more audiobooks. Monster Mission and The Science of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are available to preorder - a link has been added to our shopping page.

11th Jul
Julian has been busy appearing in plays The Virtuous Burglar and Dickens and Dizzy on Radio 4.
8th June
Julian is now appearing on a tv near you in the last of the Road Trip series of adverts for Barclaycard.
31st May
Julian returns as Rod Millet in a new series of The Maltby Collection on Radio 4
24th May Julian appears as one of the narrators in Cosmic Quest on Radio 4
18th Apr
Audio CDs of The Maltby Collection and Do Ants have Arseholes will be released in May
11th Apr
Julian will be appearing in the Radio 4 afternoon play, I believe I have genius at 2.15pm on 17th April.
30th Mar
Julian has been discussing his green credentials on a podcast for the I Count campaign - link added to audio.
23rd Mar
Julian narrates Easter Words and Music on BBC Radio 3
6th Mar
Julian narrated Surviving Suicide for Sport Relief on BBC1
1st Mar
Beginning 3rd March, at 9pm, Ch4, Julian is narrating a two part documentary about Stephen Hawking, Master of the Universe.
18th Feb
18th to 22nd February, Julian plays Faust in R4 adaptation on Women's Hour
25th Jan Julian is appearing in a music video for new band Buffalo'77. See links from video page


27th Dec
Julianilicious few days ahead... Julian will be appearing as Mr Monks in afternoon repeats of Oliver Twist on BBC 1 on 27th at 3.30 and 28th at 4pm, and will also be playing Dr Anderson in Number 13 on 28th at 10.45am on Radio 4, and Alistair Mackinnon in Shadow in the North on 30th December at 8.55pm on BBC1.
15th Dec
Oliver Twist (Julian as Mr Monks) starting on 18th Dec at 8pm on BBC1, continuing all week.
9th Dec
Shadow of the North broadcast date announced for 30th December.
3rd Nov
Julian is to read The Taxi Queue by Janet Davey as the Book at Bedtime on Radio 4 from 12th November. Look out for Julian in another new Barclaycard advert 'Uncle Tony' (see video files)
25th Oct
Julian is now a patron of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. Raffle tickets to benefit the charity are available, see forum for details.
18th Oct
Julian presents an item on This Week on BBC1, and takes part in the debate.
15th Oct
Julian attended the Green Wing Box Set signing at Virgin Megastore, Piccadilly.
3rd Oct
Stardust premieres in London on 3rd October. Julian plays Quartus.
28th Sep
Birthday Auction resulted in a cheque for £400 being sent to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. With GiftAid this should mean over £500 for the unit, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed.
19th Sep
Miss Marple Ordeal by Innocence broadcast date announced as 30th Sept 2007
22nd Aug
Julian is now appearing in Barclaycard 'Vineyard' advert
10th Aug
Julian to narrate 'Outdoor Britain:Real Men' on BBC 1 next week
5th Aug
With much regret, Jools has decided to step down as webmistress and hand over the site to Kim. Thank you to everyone for your for your support over the past year. I couldn't have done it without you
20th Jul
Over £300 has been raised in our Birthday Auction and Raffle.
3rd Jun
Happy Anniversary to us! yes folks its been a year since JRT Towers was created out of a loo roll and some sticky backed plastic.
27th May
Julian is to appear in a Radio 4 series 'The Maltby Collection' starting June 15th at 11.30am
17th May
Julian is to narrate a 7 part history of music 'Seven Ages of Rock' on BBC2 starting Sat 19th May
31st Jan
It is announced that Julian will be appearing at the National Theatre alongside Tom Hollander in a new Joe Penhall play, Landscape with Weapon (March to June 2007)
28th Jan
In search of Elvis audiobook released on 1st Feb. Julian is to form part of the voting panel for this year's Observer's Ethical Awards
20th Jan
Julian will be starring in 'Something wrong about the mouth' on Radio 4 at 2.30pm and in Mrs Warren's Profession on Radio 7 at 1pm.
9th Jan
Julian will appear in the 3rd series of Miss Marple in the episode 'Ordeal by Innocence' later this year
6th Jan
Julian will appear in the book 'My celebrity boyfriend' - more details in articles/other mentions.
5th Jan
Its been reported that Julian has recently recorded The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan, hopefully available in shops, mid January. Catch Julian in 'In the red' on BBC 7, 7 part serialisation on Wednesdays at 8.30am or 10pm


16th Dec
Charlie Connelly has succumbed to the darkside. Read all about Julian's recording of In search of Elvis at Charlie's blog.
18th Nov
Fantastic new studio photos added to gallery and 'Bad case of loving you' fan vid added to video.
17th Nov Pub Landlord audience member added to video and Casino Royal premiere photos added to gallery
11th Nov Tambourine Man added to audio
4th Nov
Secret Policeman's Ball, Reckless the Movie and 'This Charming Man' added to video (& gallery),
The Trumpet Major added to audio.
31st Oct
2nd in our long running feature - JULIAN DAY!
You catch catch Julian at 4am, on Sky One in Keen Eddie.
Then catch the GW cast in The Secret Policeman's ball on Channel 4 at 10:00pm
and finally snuggle up with Julian in The Book at Bedtime, The Trumpet Major on Radio 4 at 10.45pm
21st Oct
Julian and Stephen Mangan have lent their voices to 'Is it just me or is everything sh*t?'
12th Oct Julian visited drama students at Lewes College
9th Oct Barclaycard ads aired & unconfirmed reports that GW 'special' episode to be aired Jan (possibly 7th)
7th Oct
Julian & Stephen Mangan will be heard voicing the new CALM campaign.
6th Oct
Catch Julian & Michelle Gomez on Jonathan Ross, Radio 2 - Sat 7th Oct between 10am-1pm. (added to audio). Venus release date now thought to be 12 Jan 07.
4th Oct
Catch Julian in Betrayal - A Man for all Seasons on Radio 4 at 2.30pm on Sat 7th Oct and with Stephen Mangan in the new Barclaycard adverts.
3rd Oct
So the screaming has subsided and the crowds have evaporated to leave a jaded and abused Virgin Megastore to open its doors once again. Special report on GW Series 2 signing added to articles.
GW Series 1 complete Scripts book out 22 Oct
1st Oct
Members of the Green Wing cast to appear in the Secret Policeman's Ball on 14th October
25th Sep
GW series 2 DVD signing confirmed for 6pm, 2 Oct at Virgin Megastore, Oxford St, London
20th Sep
Rabbit Fever released Fri 22nd - check out their excellent website and fantastic Fern & Phillip interview
17th Sep
Julian has lent his voice to the audio version of The recruit and catch Julian in Lady Chatterley's Lover
16th Sep
Comedy genius Adam Buxton mentions us on his blog. Venus due for possible release 19 October
9th Sep
26th Aug Sources tell us that Julian has been involved in filming something, where he plays a Victorian Gent
23rd Aug
Julian has been filming for Stardust complete with prohestics. He's also starring in 'The Lizard Boy'
3rd Aug
Confirmed that Rabbit Fever released 22 Sept (Warning semi naked JRT)
24th Jul
The Afternoon Reading - The Memory Experience: Unreliable Memory Radio 4, 3.30pm
20th Jul Happy Birthday to Julian and to mark the event a brand new funkeh website design
25th Jun Catch Julian in part 2 of Basil on Radio 4 at 3pm
18th Jun
Julian Day!
Julian will be featured in Sunday's Observer magazine.
Can be heard on Radio 4 on Sun 18 Jun at 3pm in Basil part 1 (repeated again Sat 24th Jun at 9pm)
Try and catch Julian at the Observer Ethical Awards on the Community Channel.
For more broadcasts dates, info and to do your bit check out the Community channel.
Hippies Paramount 2 - 12pm
13th Jun
Hell's proboards forum and this forum have combined - so we welcome everyone